Nanxun Old Town

Nanxun Old Town

Nanxun Old Town

Nanxun Old Town, located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, is a historic old town with a waterfront atmosphere. This old town preserves buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties and traditional canals, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the ambiance of old China. Nanxun Old Town features teahouses, old shops, and traditional gardens, offering opportunities to explore its rich history and culture. Especially at night, the illuminated old buildings and canals create a magical and romantic atmosphere.

Nanxun Old Town is situated about 20 kilometers away from the city center of Huzhou. With a history dating back over 750 years, the town has witnessed centuries of development. Starting as a small village during the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, it flourished during the Ming Dynasty. Particularly during the late Ming to Qing Dynasty, commerce prospered, and canal transportation thrived, making Nanxun Old Town a bustling center of prosperity with many cultural heritage sites remaining to this day.

The architecture of Nanxun Old Town is characterized by traditional styles from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Among them, the old houses in Nanxun are particularly noteworthy. These houses, built with materials such as limestone and blue bricks, feature rich gardens and carvings that reflect traditional Chinese aesthetics. Additionally, the waterside buildings along the old canals are also highlights. At night, these buildings are illuminated, creating a fantastical atmosphere.

The night scene in Nanxun Old Town is especially breathtaking. The old buildings and canals are lit up, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Particularly along the canals, the shimmering water surface illuminated by lights enhances the romantic ambiance. A nighttime stroll offers a unique experience, providing tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful night scenery.

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