Errors during uploading App to App Store

Errors during uploading App to App Store


During uploading an Catalyst App to Mac App Store, I got the following errors:

ITMS Errors

  • ITMS-90277
1 2
ERROR ITMS-90277: "Invalid Bundle Identifier. The application bundle contains a tool or framework $(PRODUCT_NAME) [com.domain.appname.pkg/Payload/] using the bundle identifier '$(PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER)', which is not a valid bundle identifier."
  • ITMS-90261
1 2
ERROR ITMS-90261: "Bad CFBundleExecutable. Cannot find executable file that matches the value of CFBundleExecutable in the nested bundle $(PRODUCT_NAME) [com.domain.appname.pkg/Payload/] property list file."
  • ITMS-90280
1 2
ERROR ITMS-90280: "The CFBundleExecutable of two bundles may not point to the same file. The following shared bundle path have been found:"


One of the Info.plist files was added to the building target. Uncheck the target solves the errors.

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