Install adobe source fonts with homebrew

Install adobe source fonts with homebrew

Install adobe source fonts with homebrew

The adobe created open-source fonts called source, which are beautiful, supports simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The best thing of them is they are free to use anywhere and they distinguish the slightly difference in characters in the above languages. This is extremely helpful for people who need to deal with multiple languages in work.

The fonts are awesome, but it was a pain to download all of them and install them. Luckily I happened to find they are all on homebrew, and they can be installed onto macOS with one line of code.

Here is how.

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brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts brew install --cask font-source-code-pro brew install --cask font-source-han-noto-cjk brew install --cask font-source-han-mono brew install --cask font-source-han-sans brew install --cask font-source-han-serif brew install --cask font-source-sans-pro brew install --cask font-source-serif-pro brew install --cask font-source-serif

You can modify the command to install only the fonts you want.

Haven’t got homebrew installed on your Mac? Check this article to learn how to install it: Apps I Install on My Mac


Github of adobe fonts:

The page I found how to use homebrew to install them:

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